Friday, July 11, 2008

Sure let's get Married in the Backyard (eek)

So Terri innocently suggests that rather than going to find a place to get married, that we can just get married in the backyard. To a non-gardening person I can't begin to explain the excitment and horrible stress that causes. I think the first thing she noticed was the color draining from my face and the pained expression. You see we have two very active Corgis who tear around the yard and it is now a pile of sand with ceremonial bits of unmowed grass in it. Terri's explaining where we could stand and where people could sit and all I'm thinking about is how long I've been sort of trying to unsuccessfully patch our lack of lawn with two wee barking curs racing around it, and with water restrictions imposed. I make mention that we'll have to lay sod and she blighthy says: oh we can just lay down a green square of something and I refrain from outright appoxia and just started making funny gurgling noises. To her credit she notices (but does not completely understand) my distress (I am marrying this person and fortunately her understanding of this issue is not a deal breaker). This is supposed to be a very special day and I'm not having our guests standing or sitting around on green plastic.

I suppose I could come up with an alternative to grass. After all, she's suggesting that we stand under one of the trees and that won't have grass, so some nice mulch would work well there, but a small lawn of grass would be nice for guests even if there's only 4-5 of them.

This is very exciting though my low blood pressure may change some. Guess I'll go by the new Borders in town (or Books Inc) and look for some ideas in either Garden Design Magazine or a Landscaping book.

But first I/we have to clean the backyard first. Then I can start thinking about things like fuschias and other goodies.


Anonymous said...

I totally get the backyard anxiety -- But the truth is that I know for a FACT that any person privileged enough to be present will be not notice the corgi-driven landscape at all. They will be focused on what matters. Love is getting its day... and that is something to pay attention to...

Elf said...

My sister got married in my yard 3 years back. It was quite a wild few months of deck & yard refurbishing. I did lay sod in the worst bare spots of the lawn. My yard had never before (or since) looked better. Lots of flowers in cheap or free pots that I planted from 6-packs earlier in the season. And if you think Corgis can tear up a yard, you should try Jake and Tika and Boost! My sister fretted over every little wart and spot of rust, but I agree that I think everyone was focused on the social thing and the joy of the event.

And, many years ago, I got married in my parents' back yard. Same wild refurbishing of lawn, although we did it from seed(!).

In both cases, we rented chairs and placed them strategically (if you have only a few guests, you can just place the few chairs strategically) on bare spots and like that.

Good luck! I like having a yard wedding because (a) you can use your rental money for something else and (b) you can decorate as far ahead as you want and everyone can hang out as long afterwards as you want.