Friday, March 28, 2008

Just Spell It OUT Jodie

I don't usually make a habit of reading Parade Magazine but if it's waved under my nose I typically don't resist, because it takes less time just to read it than avoid it. (Make People Magazine look downright literary), and I freely admit to being the curious type.

So I read the Mar 16, 2008 interview with Jodie Foster. and I'm a little ticked off at how they presented her as not having found love (she's been in a long term relationship with Cydney Bernard for years and they have 2 kids) but at the same time realize that if Foster isn't going to tell Parade Magazine the whole truth then what are they going to say?

Given that John Hinkley tried to assassinate Reagan in her name, she pretty much has earned a right to her over paranoid privacy, but these days I don't think it serves her as then you get things like Parade Magazine (deliberately I believe) densely calling Bernard her "longtime friend." Foster has been in the "If they're not bright enough to figure it out." camp for a very long time and now is making it so obvious (your kids share your names!) that it's appalling that Parade takes the single, loveless Foster tack (which I find pretty offensive.)

Come all the way out Jodie, enough with coded acceptance speeches that you've been doing for years. Spell it out even to the dense. You don't have to discuss every detail, but just tell them the truth of who Bernard is for you.

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