Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hillary Should Concede

Much as I hate to write this, given that the Republicans are deliberately crossing party lines to vote for Hillary as they see her as a more defeatable candidate, and given that Obama is in the delegate lead, I think it's time for Senator Clinton to bow out honorably rather than keep attacking Obama. As long as it was a positive campaign I certainly didn't mind that it continue but this negative slamming of each other just is not serving us at all, and the republicans are loving it.

Randi Rhodes thinks that she knows what Clinton is thinking. That McCain is a one term president but Obama is a two term president, so she has a better chance of eventually being president if she were to run against McCain even if she were to lose the first time. If that was even remotely what she is thinking that would be remarkably short sighted as we need a Democrat as president Right Now. 4 more years of a Republican administration is going to come at a terrible cost of both lives and money.

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