Thursday, April 12, 2007

Apr 9
Strength workout - focus on legs.
[Will put detail here]

Apr 8
Went to Paul and Mary's for an Easter dinner.

Apr 7
Went alpine skiing for the last time this season. Snow's getting pretty slushy but I did improve. Best moment was sitting on a chairlift and seeing another intermediate skiier skiing while deliberately practicing pole plants - a la - plant the pole and turn. i resolved to work on this the rest of the day and it helps immensely with completing a turn.

Also practiced skating down the mountain and that's very helpful too. I'm going to try to spend part of the summer skating with trekking poles in hopes that will help my skiing and keep my legs strong

I'm also hoping to be able to buy some Telemark boots and backcountry ski this spring at relatively lower elevations.

And I'm going to join the WOMBATS (Womens Mountain Biking and Tea Society - Jacquie Phelan's group). And hopefully buy another mountain bike and even more hopefully spend time on the recumbent.

The snow condition on Shasta is going to be not great at all for climbing come end of May(high winds up higher keep blowing the snow away) so we're likely going to turn it into a ski trip centered around Horse Camp as the snow levels around Bunny Flat and the Cabin are pretty good. Right now it's about 4-6' at Bunny Flat and goes up from there. Seems likely they'll be snow around the Cabin when we go.

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