Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Struggling with Ulysses

I listen to audio books. Mostly as a way to catch up with classics that I'd never get time to read as I'm so far behind on my reading and it's mostly dog training/psychology books, and my eyes get tired more easily now. Using audible.com I've been able to get through a plethera of classics and I honestly don't drive that much, but it adds up. I need to make a reading list but haven't done so yet.

So for months off and on, I've been struggling with Ulysses by James Joyce. I understand maybe a tenth of it but what I do is really, really funny at times. I found myself wishing that James Joyce were alive today as trying to follow his line of thought may well be similar to trying to follow Robin Williams when he's really on a roll.
On the web you can find plot synopsises of the book. Why, oh why, oh why??? Essentially there is no plot to Ulysses. It's about the inner/exterior experiences of several characters one one single day. What they actually end up doing that day is so totally beside the point.

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