Friday, September 29, 2006

More training notes

I found a train for a 5K suggested training guide at

There's also one here but it's assuming I run faster than I actually do:

This one is interesting too and stresses using interspersing walking as a way to avoid injury:

I like the first one as it's basically what I was going to do anyway.
My goal is to be comfortable running at 10k distances at whatever speed, so 5k seemed to be a good intermediate goal. Right now I'm at 1.5 run (3.8-4.0 mph) and then .5 walk/run (3.2-4.0 mph).

Even though it's a 12k (7.46 miles) I think having the May '07 Bay to Breakers run as an eventual goal would be something to shoot for. Mark tells me that there's an Alameda 5k later this year which would be perfect too.

I also got certified for the rock wall so I can use it anything the gym is open. They have a new manager of the rock wall who wants to redo it and put in some easier routes (which they really need since most of their users are beginners.) Terri will do the same and then we're all set.

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