Thursday, January 02, 2020

Happy New Year - Another Amazon Scam

January 2 and I already have an Amazon Scam in my Inbox.

It's not fair calling it an Amazon Scam, since Amazon is the innocent party, but it's how we've been calling them, since Amazon is what they're pretending to be.

This one is essentially the same as the previous ones. A link to a compromised site that wants you to give them your essential credit card information. It's not a high-end scam but it appears to be working or at least something thinks it's still worth trying.

The language of this one is a little off, but at least the grammar is correct. Scams are getting better though this one shows a weird lack of information. Amazon does not need just the last four digits of your credit card. They would need the whole thing.  Another is "Your card may decline." Credit cards are not living things. The language would be "Your card might be declined." BUT, if your card is declined, they tell you in the browser immediately. There is NO email. Credit card authorizations are nearly instantaneous. There is no delay that would ever necessitate an email. Tell this to everyone.

Here is what they sent:

Another dead giveaway is the From line is completely wrong and has nothing to do with Amazon.

And then there is the link which is pointing to a website that has been broken into and is hosting malware.

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