Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Non-Dog Blog is Staying at Blogger for Now

I have WordPress installed on my new website. It's very nice, but the blogging has these odd limitations. Mostly it's my own ignorance, but some of it is from years of being designed a certain way. I have more than one blog, but in WordPress they like to assume one blog per website unless you use categorization. I have 500 posts in this blog and there's no way I'm going to spend weeks categorizing them all. There are other workarounds, but I'm not sure I want to work that hard since I can easily have as many blogs as I like on Blogger. The tools are more limited in Blogger which is sad. I will make my author blog on WordPress, but that's with a brand new domain.

So what I can do is link to this site and I will have control over my DNS CNAMEs again so I will be able to use nondogblog.frap.org again. (Network Solutions took my ability to control them away from me - hmphf.)

One thing that was something of a heavy camel back-breaking straw was petty, but showed a glaring limitation - possibly of the theme I had chosen. I wanted to add the background image that you see here, but I didn't want it to affect the whole website. Sorry. Argh.

This is frustrating as I was so proud that I figured out how to download and them import my entire blog from blogger to WordPress. Fortunately I kept this site while I messed around with the new one.


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