Friday, February 20, 2015

The Man Stood

The man stood
In the doorway
Insolence on his jowl
Eyes hooded
Shoulders slouched

And not caring
But really just pretending
Not to care
That his lover was late

Why should he care?
The hours he spent
Why should he wait?
He could walk away
Be free
Or not

Love is a trap
Or maybe it wasn’t love
More like need

The slouch became a bend
And a kneel
And a sit

He resisted lying down
The pavement both called to him
And threatened him
With its promise of rest and cold chill

A dog approaches
Hello there
Company in the waiting
Feeling canine attention
A welcome break

Letting doggy wander on
Wonder if doggy is
Waiting too
Maybe they should set up
A life together.

Vigil continuing
Why here?
A corner
Not a cafe

Outside with the wind
The leaves
The birds
The birdshit
The bugs
Who buzz around his ears
No one cares
No one.

And then his lover appears
Excuses on the wind
Hugs and kisses
All is forgiven
The circle is full
To begin again.

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