Saturday, April 28, 2012

Writers Without Boundaries

I'm considering taking a fiction writing class as while I'm happy to write about most anything, actual story construction is a whole different talent that I very much admire and want to learn.  In my search, I am finding that as Hollywood and Movie Studios know, writers need a construct to work with in otherwise they just run amuck--especially if they don't know anything about web design. Take this page for example: 

There are just simply TOO MANY WORDS.  Good web and graphic design is much more about the placement of words and images in a pleasing way that communicates effectively.  What is wrong here is someone desperately trying to squeeze in as much information as possible, but good design is just as much about white space as words and pictures.  What needs to happen is to present something like a succinct and eye catching table of contents and push the information down to different pages.

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