Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Effort of Managing Personal Debt

I recently finally paid off my Student Loan debt.  When interest rates plummeted the first time a few years ago, Sallie Mae could not compete so I took a chance and started passing it around to whatever credit card companies were offering the best deals.

Cruising through my Google Docs for a different reason I came across a payoff plan that I had created.  The amount of effort that I put into managing the debt was impressive and I feel slightly guilty about deleting a spreadsheet that I had put so much time and thought into though now it is happily irrelevant.

I hated (still hate) being billed excessively and I became a fine print expert.  I think this is one reason I started enjoying carefully reading the bad home mortgage refi deals that came in the mail pre-2008 housing crash.  But it is so nice not having that burden of potentially expensive debt anymore, and really brings home how crushing excessive debt is for those who have entirely too much of it.

Now onto paying off the car and figuring out how to own the house sooner.  Both are much more enjoyable.

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