Monday, November 01, 2010

Why is the government the enemy?

GOP has done such a good job of making the government the enemy.

Which is amazing as it was the lack of government limits that allowed the banks and Wall Street to create this most recent economic crash. How do they do that?

A friend is fascinated with how some politicians are so good at using fear that they can convince people to vote against their own interests, like tax cuts for the wealthy, which will hurt them financially because their will be less money for the government to support little things like schools, and streets.


Elf said...

I also love the argument, "This person isn't a politician! Boot the politicians out and get a normal person in there!" neglecting to note that, if elected, Poof! the person is now a politician!

Ellen said...

Or let's put in a CEO who doesn't know how to deal with people they can't fire.