Thursday, July 29, 2010

Costs of Flying your Dog in the Cabin

Ok so it's a dog post on the nondogblog - we'll just have to cope won't we?

I try to keep track of how much it will cost to bring my dog along with me in s plane. It used to be cheaper than boarding but no longer. I do pine for the days when I could bring my dog along with me for $50 each way. That said the rules are slightly more reasonable as it used to be one animal per cabin and that sometimes was an issue, now the number is higher.)

Here is my latest walk through of major airlines. Note pet policies are very difficult to find on airline websites. Absolutely the fastest way it is to google: (airlinename) pet

In cabin flying of pets

Alaska Air
$100 each way

$100 each way

$125 each way

$125 each way - domestic
$200 international
$75 Brazil (Go figure)

Northwest (See Delta)

$75 each way

US Airways
$100 each way

$125 each way,,53410,00.html

So does this mean that my dog will be joining us next time I go up to Seattle? I'd like to think so but I don't know. He's happy where he's boarded and that would be cheaper. The other dog stays with a friend and even though she'd rather be with us, it would take wanting to take $200 and set it on fire. I even went to all the trouble to find a carrier that fits them and fits under the seat. Sigh.


Jennie said...

The last time I read the Southwest regs, the dog had to be comfortable standing up in the carrier and it had to fit under the seat. I didn't think *my* dog could do that, and I think he's shorter than yours. I did have to laugh at SWA allowing TWO pets in the same carrier, wow!

But yes, $150 round-trip buys me nearly 4 days of twice-a-day visits for my pups, happily in their own home. It's just never seemed affordable.

Elf said...

Thanks for the tip on searching and the details on carriers. Not that I'm likely to use the info, but it's interesting to see it.

Ellen said...

If it were only $150 for Alaska I'd do it. I'd rather my dogs not be by themselves in my house at night. Much, too much, mischief potential.

Lori said...

ell, it's good to know there still IS a Continental policy. Their cargo flight for dogs is the best, but definitely pricey! Peace of mind comes high! I've done the in-cabin thing, and while it's usually fine in the end, there is always the person who is allergic, and the worry that this will be the day your pet has explosive something from one end or the other!

It is also not the most convenient, since you have to take the dog to the shipping department, you can't just check in at the ticket counter; but they keep them in climate controlled enclosures the whole way. And by the time I picked up my luggage and got to the shipping building on arrival, the dog was there and making friends with the employees. But it cost as much one way for the dog as it cost me for my round trip ticket, so it has to be worth it to you!

Dixie said...

The Brazil thing---it's cheaper to fly to Brazil, see, because they have to get a Brazilian wax job before they can go. Once all that hair is gone, the dog is smaller and lighter, so it's a lot cheaper to fly with a Brazilian.