Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pouting about Blogger

Up until now, has let you host your blog on your own web site. I love this since I pay for a web site and why not host it there? But apparently those of us who do that are essentially too high maintenance (to very loosely paraphrase them) and so now they are insisting on hosting the blogs. It may look like it's on my site but it's smoke and mirrors actually.

I am bummed about this since I think it really should be on my own site but I haven't taken the time to actually learn enough about WordPress (blogging software that is available through Verio - my host) to make use of it. I do keep an unlisted training blog and maybe I can use that to see if I can figure things out. I made one attempt and really didn't get anywhere.

Though just to rub it in when I published this entry it published immediately and with FTP to my site there was always a delay.

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Elf said...

I do love the instant posting.

OK, now the truth: I worry about their answers to the question "can I keep my custom template?" which is something like "for now, yes." Scary. Although I did go to one of their templates when I migrated, I also customized it using the HTML again. I don't know what that means exactly for the future, or how far in the future.