Thursday, September 17, 2009

Text Message Scam (And a Do Not Call List update)

(I love it when scams find me - make things all the more fun to check out.)

So scammers are branching out this year. I just received a text message (unusual because I don't text since it costs me extra - note to self to make sure I don't get charged for it.) allegedly from 36245 saying "card blocked" for more information call 888-814-6669

Googling the phone number told me nothing.

Calling the phone number from a different phone and entering nothing says

Union Card Services
Our records indicate your account is restricted
please enter your card number

Evil little subterranean rodents.

A coworker dug up this missive from Commuity Bank from Feb 17, 2009

Googling for "text message scam" yields tons of references

The Community Bank web site encouraged me to call the FTC (877-382-4357) and out of curiosity I did. Within just a few key presses I was talking to Martin (I'm sure you know him - think he's from Texas though I didn't ask).

I wasn't sure if the FTC even wanted to hear about it, but they did and he filed a complaint for me. Took my information and noted the 888 number and the text of the scam message (and the message that the 888 number was saying.)

He also suggested adding my phone number to the Do Not Call List. Surprised, I said "But it's a cell phone."

He said that if it's registered on the DNCL that they can file it as a double violation
(I refrained from asking "You mean running a scam isn't enough?")

The number of the DNCL is 888-382-1222

On the website you can also verify that they have your phone numbers listed correctly and can even tell you the date that you added it.
The DNCL listings do not expire.

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