Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Can Finally Ski Decently

After struggling for two seasons, I can finally ski decently (albeit relatively slowly). Parallel turns, weight on the outside ski, don't freak out about the speed (mostly), and even pole plants. This is on moderate blues like Trailblazer at Sugarbowl. Harder blues (like the ones on Mt. Disney) I'm quite bad at and am not even thinking about blacks. The major breakthrough was ponying up for better, more responsive skis. When I ask my current skis to turn they say "Right Away" My older ones though parabolic, were more "Let me get back to you, well, ok." Perfect on greens, but tough on steeper slopes. I am a little concerned that my Tele skis are also this type of ski, but I think I'll wait on worrying about that.

My left leg fatigue is still there but improving. I don't know if it's because my skiing skill is better and hence less wasted effort, or my legs are getting used to skiing, or because of the heavier weight training - (I'm lifting way more than I ever thought I could because of a mountaineering trainer's encouragement) or a combination.

Noticed a tele lesson going on and went over to say hi. It was actually an Alpine Skills International group which are the exact tele lessons I'm thinking of taking. I'd been waiting to take their class till I was a better skiier, but I think I'm as good a skiier as his students. His name was Jeff.

I'm just so happy that I've come so far from falling off of chairlifts when trying to exit. Today I steered around two different spills at chairlift exits and I avoided crashing into a snow boarder who wiped out right in front of me. He was very apologetic and I told him it was ok as I got to work on stopping. His instructor was amused.

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