Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Legislating Hate

I'm reeling from Prop 8 maybe passing.

The Central Valley (I reeeeeeally dislike the Central Valley) has decided that their world view of equal rights for only people they like is the way it should be for the rest of us (Prop 8 failed soundly in the Bay Area). They chose to legislate their hate and claim that it's for the good of the children. Ironically, if the trends continue the way they're going, their children will likely grow up and decide that their parents were complete full of it.

What really gets me is they lied. Repeatedly. People who claim to be Christians lied because it was the only way they would win. Appalling. I do hope that karma catches up to them in either this life or what follows.

Fortunately, such a heinous initiative that strips one group of rights sounds very unconstitutional (even though it's trying to amend the constitution), Equality Calif and several city attorneys agree. More info here, and here (page down to latest news).

I have sent them email offering to help with the challenge.

Oh and the best one liner I've seen during this campaign is:
I don't recall voting on your marriage.

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Anonymous said...

This captures it absolutely, Ellen. I am sad, grieved, frustrated, etc. about the results of Prop 8. Besides the fact that so many people I love are in pain over this, I have, as a priest of the Episcopal Church, been irritated for years over the invasive prerogative taken by religious and non-religious persons on the topic of marriage. Why, indeed, should they "weigh in" at all?

Every marriage I have attended or officiated at has been a "private party" - Invitation Only. Didn't you and Terri have guest list? So did Paul and I in 1971. It wasn't an open event. We invited our loved ones and our friends to share in our joy. MYOB is the only appropriate position.

I am deeply offended by the whole thing. My hope and confidence is that the same sensibility that moved the American/Californian electorate to grant voting rights to women, African Americans, and 18 year olds who are asked to die for their country), will, within a generation, extend equality of marriage rights to all citizens.