Saturday, June 07, 2008

The Belmont Stakes: What happened to Big Brown?

Like a lot of horse crazy girls I wanted to be a jockey. Ever since I've had a love/hate relationship with Horse Racing (I hate the injury and death rate of race horses). I simply can not help paying attention when the Triple Crown races come up.

And what an inspiration for Da'Tara a 38-1 longshot who led the whole way. Talk about don't listen to what everyone else is saying. Just go for it.

here is a so-so video of it.

Here's ESPN's

If you let the above video play it will also have interviews with the trainers of both horses, the track vet, and Big Brown's future. Speculation is that the heat may have been a factor. Other speculation is that he was on steroids before the Kentucky Derby came off of them for the Triple Crown races, and that he may no longer be getting any benefit from them. Or maybe that quarter crack injury in his hoof is bothering him.

This is Big Brown in the Preakness. Near the end of the video you can see what an incredible finishing kick this horse has, and that just wasn't there today.

Well we'll be hearing more in the next few days.

ESPN did retrospective videos of previous Triple Crown winners.
Secretariat's is here:
There still hasn't been a horse like Secretariat since.

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