Thursday, February 28, 2008

Matt Gonzalez joins Nader - now it's personal

well sort of personal. More ranting follows.

I just heard on KFOG news that local lefty and former SF Supervisor Matt Gonzalez is going to join Nader on their presidential bid. Now I don't know Gonzalez, in fact I haven't even introduced myself to him (since I'm a huge Gavin Newsom fan and Gonzalez is best know for his running against Newsom, I really didn't have much to say to him).

But we all do see him around from time to time at local coffeehouses, so this brings it all a little closer to home, and I'm hoping that someone here can manage to talk some sense into him as opposed to allowing Nader to brainwash him.

But how do you bring it up in a way that isn't completely confrontational? How do you politely say "Consider something past your own ego, you dense lunkhead."? It's not overstating things to say that the reputation of the US is on the line here during this election.

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