Sunday, November 18, 2007

Yoga Balance Poses

I was looking for a reference for some of the yoga standing/balance poses
that I've having trouble with in Body Flow. I love what I come across while searching.

This is an excellent demo of advanced Ashtanga yoga shot in India, though the person demoing is anglo:
I can only hope to be half as strong as he is. He can go from Downward Dog lift himself up by his arms only, guide his feet forward through his arms and wind up in a sitting position. I didn't do a good job of describing that so it's best just to watch the video.

This one is more for us ordinary mortals:

But back to balance poses.
This is close, but not the poses I saw in class:

This one is more like it and I like the quote that you have to maintain a sense of humor about balance poses (you sure do :),14343,1018291,00.html

The pdf that is on the page is excellent.


Anonymous said...

body flow has nothing to do with yoga. Just a way to pay the teachers less money for supposingly teaching yoga. Takes a weekend to learn to teach.

Ellen said...

Body Flow isn't yoga but they certain make use of Yoga poses. I've done both and the rhythm of each are entirely different but the Downward Dogs are exactly the same.

yoga e-books said...

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