Monday, June 25, 2007

Terri and I talked about Mtneers Route possibilities and she suggested that due to the elevation change between each location that we should plan on camping at all of them.

Oh and I was wrong about the entry day - it's Sunday Aug 19th, not Monday the 20th.

Fri - Drive down - stay where? or Drive down Sat?
Sat 18th- Portal
Sun 19th - LBSL
Mon 20th - UBSL
Tue 21st - Iceberg
Wed 22nd - Summit Day staying at Iceberg or retreating to UBSL
Thu 23rd - Hike out or LBSL

Permit is till Sat the 25 so no rush.

I realized that I could easily bring a rope and a belay device and we all could bring our harnesses. The purpose of this is that while the MR is a class 2 and a little 3, the decent from the summit can look a little frightening, so 1 or 2 people could opt to be belayed down. The only caveat is that one person has to be willing to free climb down (I'm assuming that's me) since there are no bolts on the route that I'm aware of.

I used to have a nice series of photos of someone who did the MR with a guide and was belayed down (which gave me the idea in the first place), but I can't find the photos with either google or my bookmarks.

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