Saturday, December 02, 2006

Treadmill Runs. Been experimenting with the incline.

ran 1 mile in 15 minutes (4.0 mph)
then set the include to 15 degrees
and walked another 1/2 mile at 3.0 mph
then ran and walked on various inclines and speeds for a total of 2.5 miles in 50 minutes.

As a test since I was tired I went to the store and only bought things that looked appetizing. Interesting thing is that most of the items are salty and not sugary though there are some sugary things like lifesavers. The trouble is how do you wrest any nutrition out of an oyster cracker or a goldfish cracker? Trader Joes has these delicious teriyake flavored rice crackers and last year when I was sick (as usual) on Whitney they're all I wanted to eat.

So winners are salty crackers, hard candy and gatorade. Unfortunately that doesn't sound like enough to climb a mountain like Shasta. Maybe I'll just have to eat a lot beforehand.

ran 1 mile in 15 minutes (4.0 mph)
leg started dragging at 0,8 miles and struggled through the last 0.2.
usually at this point in time I take a break and then run another mile.
This time I tried something different.
I set the incline to 15 degrees (the max) and walked at 2.0 mph for 30 minutes for another mile. At such an incline my leg doesn't drag and it's great hamstring exercise, and excellent prep for mountain climbing.

Did some trig (ok I had to look up how to do it as it's been a while) to figure out the vertical distance when you walk a mile on a 15 degree slope.

1 mile = 5280 feet

sin 15 = verticalelevation/5280'

verticalelevation = 5280*sin 15 = 5280*0.2588 = 1366'

1366' in half a hour is not bad at all. Cool.

ran 1 mile
leg dragged at .87

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